Upcoming Conferences

Work 4 Chess! (online) 2021 09 18

Judit Polgar’s Global Chess Festival (hybrid)  2021 10 09

FIDE-EDU (online) 2021 11 20-21

London (hybrid) 2021 12 04-05

Madrid Chess Conference (Hybrid) 6-12 December 2021 

Skolkovo & Almaty (RUS) 2021 12 08-10

The language of the conference will be English and Russian (with translation)
Conference topic: Designing a new educational experience https://conf.edcrunch.ru/
Dates: November 2021
Main venue: Skolkovo and Almaty
Speakers: 600 speakers from 30 countries, 200 sessions, reports and master classes
Number of participants:
· At least 30,000 people – online,
At least 5000 people – in person (mostly speakers in person)
Conference tracks on one site:
● early childhood – 2 halls
● digital school and skills of the XXI century – 3 halls
● digital university – 2 halls
● corporate training – 2 halls
● EdTech market -2 hall
The format of the event:
Online on the interactive platform of the EdCrunch on Demand conference
In person at the Skolkovo and Almaty sites
Organizers: Skolkovo Foundation, NUST MISIS, Akimat of Almaty, Moscow Government, FIDE with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
EdCrunch On Demand is the largest in Europe and the main in Russia conference on new educational technologies, which is held by NUST MISIS, the Skolkovo Foundation with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and Mail.ru Group
Goal: to promote educational technologies that are aimed at transforming teaching and learning through the use of digital technologies

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