Third Chess in Education Lecturer course 17-19 December

This third course will be held on 17-19 December.

Those who gain this qualification (CEL) will be those, exclusively, who we appoint to the paid lectureships of the FIDE School Instructor seminars.

โ€˜I have learned a lotโ€™ย WGM Eva Repkova, Chairperson of FIDE Commission for Womenโ€™s Chess.

ย CEL Lecturers will be experts in educational chess (not necessarily experts in competitive chess). They will be trained by the EDU Commission, after an online capacitation course of 15 hours, with some offline extras. This training has a cost of โ‚ฌ75, which covers both access to materials and preparation, and the exam.

Those who successfully pass the course will receive the diploma of Certified FIDE Chess in Education Lecturer (CEL). This is valid for three years, and it implies an administrative fee of โ‚ฌ50.

โ€˜A nice experience, fantastic courseโ€™ FM Vlad Ungureanu, national coordinator of Romania chess in schools program.

Applications for the course are open now and will close on 14 December. If you want to apply, please fill in the Registration form for โ€œPreparation of Lecturersโ€, Your CV & Motivation letter should pay special attention to your relevant experience in โ€œeducational chessโ€, rather than โ€œsport chessโ€ย  (please check this explanatory document if you are unsure about the difference between these two concepts โ€“

โ€˜This kind of course is a very good ideaโ€™ย FM Leontxo Garcia

The course will be held 17-19 December, in English, online 15:00-20:00 CET (Central European or FIDE time). Applicants must complete the Registration form: (DOC), (PDF).

The course is limited to a maximum of 20 people (first come, first served). Applicants who cannot be given an assured place will be placed on the waiting list for the subsequent course.


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