Submission of material

There are requirements that must be followed for the submission of papers (presentations) and theses.

Papers – maximum 8000 words – detailed requirements here.

Theses – maximum 1000 words – detailed requirements here

Powerpoint – 8-10 slides (10-12 minutes maximum) may include a short video (see below).

Short video – 2-3 minutes maximum (video format: 1920*1080 MPEG H264). You may wish to supply a brief (maximum 300 words) explanation of the video. If you are able to do it, sub-titles (in the ‘opposite’ language) of spoken text would be helpful.

All submissions should be sent by email to to arrive no later than 12 November.

Time during the conference is limited and not all will be presented, but all submissions will be published by FIDE.

Upcoming Events

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