Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands comprise some 900+ islands, six of them major and a population of 600.000+. The Chess Federation was established as recently as 2009 and, like most national chess federations, their main focus has been on competitive chess. That focus has switched, since last year, to chess as a tool for education.

“This year we started linking with the FIDE Chess in Education Commission and drew directives and insights on how we will proceed with the Chess in Education program.”

The objectives of their project “Chess in Education 2021” are:

 Society accepts chess as part of the education system.
 SICF to have qualified Chess in Education Lecturers (CEL) certified by FIDE.
 School teachers are trained and certified by FIDE as School Instructor.
 School children take up chess as a social, competitive, and educational tool.

They are well on their way, Anthony Maelasi, the dynamic President of their chess federation has already qualified as a FIDE certified Chess in Education Lecturer (CEL).

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