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2020 #1

FIDE Chess in Education

Welcome to the FIDE Chess in Education Commission (EDU) and to our first newsletter.

Welcome also to our new web site:

Smbat Lputian



We bring you practical tips, teaching materials and the latest research on chess as an educational tool. We will add best practice examples from all over the globe.

No matter if you are an education professional, a chess teacher, player or parent, we hope that you find much of interest and use.

We believe that chess will make a great contribution to the education system worldwide.

Chess as an Educational Tool

Promoting chess for educational purposes in curriculum hours is a priority of FIDE and the raison d’être of our commission.

It’s not just about teaching how to play, nor about creating better players, but about implanting chess as an educational tool. There are two proven methods:

A) Curriculum subject with its own school time, taught by chess-pedagogues (for example in Armenia and some schools in Buenos Aires and Uruguay).

B) Transversal and interdisciplinary tool, used by school teachers (Spain, Hungary and some Uruguayan schools) or by chess coaches trained in pedagogy who share the classroom with teachers (Argentine province of Santa Fe, UK Chess in Schools and Communities). Chess doesn’t take hours away from any curriculum subject.

FIDE considers the introduction of chess to children aged 2-6 of exceptional importance. To develop values and skills in general (Italy, Bogotá, Spain, Hungary, Argentina and Uruguay) or for the development of STEM and social skills (CASTLE / FIDE Early Years Skills project for preschool).

There are many reasons why chess should form part of a child’s education. Most of them are covered in our free 48-page booklet Chess – A Tool for Education & Health (2018), replacing  Chess in Schools – Our Global Future (2014).

This booklet is intended to provide support to anyone trying to convince Ministers, their departments, universities, school heads, teachers, parents, national chess federations, … of the value of chess for education. 

Also available in Spanish, French and German: Ajedrez – Una Herramienta para la educación y la salud Le Jeu d’Echecs – un outil pour l’éducation & la santé Schach ein Tool für Bildung & Gesundheit

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