Mauritania Online School Instructor Seminar

The online SI Seminar organized by the Mauritania chess federation attracted 13 candidates, all of whom were successful in passing the exam for the FIDE School Instructor title.

The event was supported by FIDE EDU Commission, FIDE Planning and Development Commission, and the African Chess Confederation. The lecturer was Slim Bouaziz (Tunisia), assisted by SI Moulaye Boydia (Mauritania).

The successful candidates, 11 male and 2 female: Mohamed Salem Ahmed, Ely Cheikh Bebaker, Sidi Bodiya, El Bekaye El Hadj, Mohamedlamine Ethmane, Sidi Mohamed Hassana El Ghady, Moulaye Brahim Hemam, El Moustapha Kar Legraa, Khadijetou Leffad, Cheikhna Mohamed Lemine, Daouda Sabar Ethmane, Lalla Sidine Bodiya, and Sidi Mohamed Tajedine.

It is a little disappointing that, although the seminar was open to all francophones, none from outside Mauritania took part; we had expected that the seminar being online, the absence of travel and accommodation costs would have attracted at least some from the other 87 members of the OIF (L’Organisation internationale de la francophonie).


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