EDU online meeting with President Dvorkovich

The Commission work programme, future activities and cooperation perspectives were discussed during the meeting on 22 May.

Attendees :

FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich

EDU Council : Chairman Smbat Lputian, Honorary Chairman and Secretary Kevin O’Connell, Councillor Leontxo Garcia, Councillor Uvencio Blanco, Councillor Yevgennij Vladimirov, Webmaster Luis Blasco.

FIDE Deputy President Bachar Kouatly

FIDE Vice President Lukasz Turlej

FIDE Executive Director Victor Bologan

FIDE Assistant to President Konstantin Kiselev

FIDE Secretariat : Sava Stojisavljevic

Translators and assistants to Smbat Lputian : Aram Hajian & Alla Khachatryan

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