Chess Legends

Chess Legends is an innovative App designed to teach children aged 6-12 the art of chess in a fun and engaging way. Whether the children are beginners or already familiar with the game, Chess Legends offers a comprehensive learning experience that nurtures their strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.

  • Video lessons from world champions and leading grandmasters. Gain insights from the greatest minds in chess with exclusive video lessons delivered by world champions and leading grandmasters.
  • Methodology from professional players and coaches of national teams. Benefit from the proven methodologies of professional players and national team coaches, guiding your child towards success and helping them develop a winning mindset.
  • Personal training plan for players of any level. The app analyzes your child’s progress and adjusts the program to cater to their individual needs.
  • Educational 3D animation for kids. Engage young learners with captivating 3D animations that make chess lessons come to life, fostering a love for the game and making learning an exciting adventure.
  • Daily tasks and bonuses. Daily challenges will help your child stay motivated and enhance their skills by adding elements of fun to the chess journey.
  • No Ad. Allow your child to enjoy uninterrupted learning and gameplay with an ad-free experience, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in the world of chess without distractions.

Appโ€™s developers are world champions, educational experts and chess enthusiasts:ย 

  • Vladimir Kramnik, Co-founder, Lecturer. 14 World Champion.
  • Hou Yifan, Co-founder, Lecturer. Four times Womenโ€™s World Champion, #1 in the current Women World Ranking.
  • Yevgeniy Vladimirov, Co-founder, Methodist. International Grandmaster, Best Coach in Asia.
  • Darmen Sadvakassov, Co-founder, CEO. International Grandmaster, World Junior Champion.
  • Askhat Murzabayev, Co-founder, CTO. Ex product manager at Twitter
  • Kuanysh Suleimen, Co-founder, Product manager. Candidate Master, Master of Technical Sciences.

Chess Legends provides chess coaching while building essential 21st Century skills. Download to embark on an extraordinary chess adventure.

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