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FIDE Chess School Award


In the present cycle applications are accepted until April 30th, 2024. The FIDE Chess School Award has a multi-dimensional purpose to enhance the quality and position of chess in the wider education system. The first objective is to provide recognition and motivation of existing Chess in Education activities and programs in schools by a certification process. The second objective is to serve as a quality assurance tool for the improved and established standard of educational chess delivery.

The 2021 Global Survey identified thousands of schools which promote chess activities. For many of these schools, chess is a sign of prestige and used for school promotion. FIDE EDU acknowledges the need for recognition of existing schools as well as the opportunity to encourage other schools to begin or increase their level of involvement. The FIDE Chess School Award provides an effective means of achieving these goals.

Schools that obtain the award demonstrate high social awareness in their communities. The list of award winners will be listed on the FIDE Chess in Education website, for recognition and increased connectivity to one another. Our plan is for FIDE Chess Schools to form a wider community: share educational resources, best practice, and make themselves visible to organisations who are looking for reliable partners for social activities. Being part of our network opens opportunities for collaboration with other FIDE Chess Schools and participation in broader chess events.

The FIDE Chess School certificate and logo can be displayed in school, used in school publications, and promoted on the school website. National Chess Federations will be notified about all FIDE Chess Schools in their country. As they become available, additional incentives for schools participating in the FIDE Chess School Award will be provided.

Schools should carefully consider their long-term benefits of receiving the award versus cost before applying. Schools that don’t meet the necessary criteria for the award will be given detailed guidelines about how to improve their chess educational practices. They will be able to reapply free of charge in the next cycle of applications.

Here are some reasons for applying:

  • FIDE Chess Schools will form a wider community with increased connectivity to one another.
  • Online vendors will provide a platform for joint training events and a multitude of chess activities.
  • FIDE EDU will host discussion forums for teachers of FIDE Chess Schools to share best practice and educational resources. Speakers will be invited to exchange their experience about using chess as an educational tool.
  • Some free educational materials and software for schools participating in the FIDE Chess School Award will be provided.

Award Levels

Several aspects of school chess are examined and points from 0 to 3 are awarded for each. Applicants are asked to answer each question in as much detail as they can and provide supporting evidence. There are ten questions altogether, and the largest available score is 30.


  • Gold Award: 25-30; FIDE SCHOOL AWARD GOLD Chess in Education Commission FIDEGENS UNA SUMUS
  • Silver Award: 20-24; FIDE SCHOOL AWARD SILVER Chess in Education Commission FIDEGENS UNA SUMUS
  • Bronze Award: 13-19. FIDE SCHOOL AWARD BRONZE Chess in Education Commission FIDEGENS UNA SUMUS

Schools that reach out to many children and involve several educators and other people in the community in their chess activities have a good chance to receive the award. Schools receiving the award are actively engaging the community through chess-related events, creating a sense of unity and shared interest among students, parents, and teachers. The award recognizes schools that actively include students of varying abilities and backgrounds in chess, promoting a sense of inclusivity and diversity within the school community showcasing its commitment to holistic education and involvement in activities that extend beyond traditional academic subjects.

Award Procedure

There are two application cycles every year:

  1. January 1-March 31, award month: June.
  2. July1 - September 30, award month: December.

Applications are accepted in English, Spanish, Russian, and German languages.

Application fee for the award is €150.

The FIDE School Award is valid for three (3) calendar years upon approval. The renewal process will require an online submission of renewal documentation of activities and a payment of €50 for the three-year renewal. Schools may reapply for an advanced level of certification. Twelve months or more following the date of receipt of the original award it is possible to re-apply for a higher award using the same application form with updates and paying the application fee of €150.


We strongly advise you to download and read the application Checklist first.

Fill out the Application Form and send us your supporting materials.

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