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The Erasmus+ Agency has announced the final evaluation of the CASTLE project (2014-2017): 100 points out of 100 possible. The project has been designated as an example of good practice (“You can find inspiration from the pool of good practices and success stories, i.e. projects that distinguished themselves in terms of policy relevance, communication potential, impact or design.”)on the EU Commission site: Link to Erasmus + Project Site

It is the first time that a project based entirely on the pedagogical use of chess gets this recognition.

It can be a help in changing the education policies of states, in full compliance with the European Parliament Declaration of 15/03/2012, which calls for the introduction of “Chess in Schools” in the education systems of the Member States. The ‘long’ castle provides an easy-to-use template for children from kindergarten all the way through to secondary education, specially created and tested with precision (more than 8,000 measurements compiled and analyzed in three years) not requiring any external experts and which can be disseminated independently by the schools, not only internally but also to other schools.

See or send an Email to to request a free password for watching the WEB system, to download free didactic materials or to develop the CASTLE system in your country.

FIDE joined the CASTLE project (2014-2017) as a stakeholder in 2015 and the result was the Early Years Skills programme (with 52 demonstration videos) which provides the ‘short’ castle template just for children aged 4-6/7.

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