Time for Change? Online and blended teaching.

Helge Frowein, a chess teacher from Munich, leader of the school chess group at the German Youth Chess Association, has written a very interesting post about online and blended instruction subsequent to his experiences during the pandemic.

He started a school chess project in conjunction with the chess section of the football club Bayern Munich on 1 March 2020. Two weeks later all schools closed.

He writes about the solutions he found to put the programme online, being careful to consider schoolsโ€™ requirements, such as data protection, safeguarding, and commercial concerns (no commercial products or platforms, only open source).

The full article is available hereย : https://www.chesstech.org/2021/this-is-the-time-for-change/

He also has lots of ideas for the way ahead and he will be talking about this during the Work4Chess online conference on 18 September: https://www.chesstech.org/2021/work-4-chess/

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