Time for Change? Online and blended teaching.

Helge Frowein, a chess teacher from Munich, leader of the school chess group at the German Youth Chess Association, has written a very interesting post about online and blended instruction subsequent to his experiences during the pandemic.

He started a school chess project in conjunction with the chess section of the football club Bayern Munich on 1 March 2020. Two weeks later all schools closed.

He writes about the solutions he found to put the programme online, being careful to consider schools’ requirements, such as data protection, safeguarding, and commercial concerns (no commercial products or platforms, only open source).

The full article is available here : https://www.chesstech.org/2021/this-is-the-time-for-change/

He also has lots of ideas for the way ahead and he will be talking about this during the Work4Chess online conference on 18 September: https://www.chesstech.org/2021/work-4-chess/

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