We have a set of royalty-free materials that can be used for teaching chess in class (and pre-school).

These materials now form an almost complete range for any age.

There is also a special booklet for parents who want to teach their children – Parents – How to teach chess basics

The following items all bear the stamp of approval of the FIDE CiS Commission:ย Approved by the World Chess Federation’s Chess in Schools Commission.

A compendium of chess terms, useful for students, teachers, and parents is Glossary.

It is available in

We do not make any particular recommendation – you are free to choose and use them free of charge. They do, however, fall roughly into the following age categories:

4-6 Early Years Skills Program (in English, German, Italian, Spanish, with French being added soon) – seeย

6-7 Chess: First Year of Study – inย Englishย (23mb), inย Russianย (7.5mb)ย and accompanying workbook inย Englishย (5mb), inย Russianย (5mb).

7-9 Elementary Level Chess Class Book (Kulaรง) inย Englishย (30mb), inย Frenchย (26mb), inย Arabicย (21mb) and Teacher Guide inย Englishย (3mb), in Frenchย (3mb)

9+ Planet Chess (CiS) inย English ย (6mb), inย Frenchย (4mb), inย Arabicย (4mb), inย Spanishย (3mb), inย Russianย (3mb).

Fun for all ages: Ajedrez y Leyends (in Spanish) Legendary Chess (in English) – information and links:

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