Lecturer and Teacher courses

The CEL_02 course Preparation of Lecturers starts today. The PoT_02 course Preparation of Teachers begins two weeks today (2-4 July) – details below & Registration form here: https://cloud.fide.com/s/SLDTgjNJndN7a8M

Preparation of Teachers leads to the FIDE title of School Instructor.

This course is designed for teachers with experience of working with children of different age groups, who have some prior knowledge of chess basics. It is also very useful for experienced chess people who are not familiar with pedagogy.

It is a 3-day (15 hours) course that will help to develop participants’ knowledge and skills in educational chess, help them find new digital tools and platforms for online learning, and get ideas on the application of well-known pedagogical approaches in chess basics teaching process etc.

Successful candidates will obtain the FIDE title of School Instructor.

School Instructors introduce school students to the basic chess rules to improve their educational and social level and to broaden the base of chess players worldwide. They are not trying to create masters or grandmasters.


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