FIDE & Chessable major partnership

FIDE has entered into a six-year commercial agreement with Chessable, the world’s leading chess E-learning platform. The agreement covers different areas, including professional chess but also youth programs, education, and social activities.

Chessable CEO David Kramaley: “ Since 2015, Chessable has communicated a love of science-backed learning,  celebrating chess education and curiosity.”

In addition to sponsoring the chess world championship cycle, Chessable will partner with FIDE for a new chess talent development program, the FIDE Chessable Youth Development Fund, to which it will contribute $150,000 annually. The agreement is part of Chessable’s global growth strategy and another step in its mission to make chess a sustainable career choice for all.

FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich: “We are extremely proud to be able to create new opportunities for the chess youth of the world through this new talent development program in partnership with Chessable. We hope it will help foster many new champions and attract many new young people to the game.”

Such a long-term partnership shows a strong commitment and a shared vision between both parties. The agreement will allow FIDE to grow and plan for the future, strengthening different areas. It contributes to consolidate our top events even further, and many social projects, as well as the chess in schools programs, are about to take off. Chess is a great game to learn for any child, and has a proven track record of improving children’s cognitive and educational skills.”

Chessable is part of the Play Magnus Group, a company founded by World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen to build and unite the most innovative online chess brands and services.

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