FIDE certified Chess in Education Lecturers

Following the pilot course in February and the first ‘real’ course in March, we now have 20 CELs.

6 (of 10 candidates) qualified from the Pilot (12-14 February):  Jerry Nash USA, Anzel Laubscher RSA, Leontxo Garcia ESP, Philippe Vukojevic BEL, Boris Bruhn GER, and Sami Khader JOR. These certifications are valid until 1 March 2024.

14 (of 21 candidates) qualified from the course in March (12-14): Maria Vasilescu ROM, Ricardo Duarte POR, John Oyeyemi Fawole NGR, Oteri Martins Efemuai NGR, Kaussar Bauyrzhan KAZ, Jonathon Singler USA, Oleksandr Kapush CAN, Margit Brokko EST, Jose Francisco Suarez Rua ESP, Vitor Cardoso POR, Elvis Boateng GHA, Aderemi Bankole Mubarak Okoro TOG, Anthony Maelasi SOL, and Abel Talamantez USA. These certifications are valid until 31 March 2024.

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