β€œChess in Education” International Online Conference

Β FIDE Chess in Education Commission (EDU) and ”Chess” Scientific Research Institute of ASPU (Armenian State Pedagogical University) have organized an International online conference, entitled β€œChess in Education”, held on November 20-21, 2021, via Zoom video conferencing.


List of speakers

Main themes of the conference were:


  • Formation of prior knowledge for chess.
  • Functions of prior knowledge for chess.
  • Socio-pedagogical justifications for that prior knowledge.
  • The problems of developing a preschooler’s thinking.
  • The main manifestations of a preschooler’s development.


  • School chess models, especially differences between β€œchess for education” and β€œeducation for chess”.
  • In-service training of teachers to teach chess.
  • Problems with the quality of chess teaching in school.
  • Chess in special needs education.
  • School chess research results.
  • Hybrid and online learning.


  • Issues of the training of chess teachers.
  • Models of Chess 101 in Universities around the world.
  • Chess as a means of promoting learning by university students.

Working languages of the conference were English and Spanish.

Organizing Committee of the conference:

  • Dana Reizniece-Ozola – FIDE Managing Director
    Smbat Lputian – Chairman of FIDE EDU Commission
    Srbui Gevorgyan – Vice Rector of Armenian State Pedagogical University
    Kevin O’Connell – Secretary of FIDE EDU Commission
    Vahan Sargsyan – Doctor of Psychology; Head of Research Projects at Chess Scientific Research Institute
    Lewis Ncube – FIDE Continental President for Africa
    Anna Volkova – FIDE Communications Officer
    Luis Blasco – FIDE EDU webmaster
    Leontxo Garcia – FIDE EDU Councillor
    Uvencio Blanco – FIDE EDU Councillor
    Sami Khader – FIDE EDU & Chairman Technical Commission, Arab Chess Federation
    Jerry Nash – FIDE EDU

Upcoming Events

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