ChessMatec affiliate program and workshop

Dear members federations:

As you have recently been informed, FIDE has entered a cooperation agreement with ChessMatec, an all-in-one chess learning platform for children.

Thanks to this agreement, FIDE associates will receive a 50% discount on yearly purchases on ChessMatec, compared to the regular price.

The agreement also allows member federations to generate revenue by attracting users. Each one of you will be given a unique promo code, and your federation will get a sales commission of $3 from every customer who registers using your code.

Bear in mind that, besides the economic incentive, this app also serves a higher purpose: attracting more and more kids to chess.

ChessMatec is currently available in English, Russian, French, German, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, and Italian. Spanish and Arabic will be available shortly.

In order to join the affiliate program, please contact Ariela Alterman of ChessMatec at She will assist you and provide you with your unique promo code.


We have scheduled a workshop with ChessMatec on October 1 (Thursday), at 17:00 CET, where the creators of this app will make a demonstration of its main features and will discuss the educative aspects of their tool.

We kindly request your cooperation to promote and encourage participation in this workshop, which of course is free and open to anyone. It would be advisable that at least one representative of your federation attends the workshop, in order to acquaint yourself with the app.

If you want to register for the workshop, simply send an email to, with copy to, so we can get back to you and provide you with a link for the workshop.

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