Chessable seeks applicants for Chessable Research Awards Fall 2023 cycle

The online chess learning platform Chessable (part of is seeking undergraduate and graduate students to apply for the Chessable Research Awards Fall 2023 cycle.

The Chessable Research Awards are an initiative to promote chess research and develop our understanding of how chess can benefit our lives, how we can improve our knowledge of the game, and how we can understand other phenomena, both within and outside of the chess world. University students from all fields of study, such as cognitive psychology, education, literature, history, computer science, etc., are invited to apply. Examples of relevant topics include, but are not limited to, how playing chess impacts society or personal development, methods for improving the memorization of chess theory, the gender gap in chess participation, using ideas from chess to solve real-world problems, etc.

For more information about the Chessable Research Awards, visit

For more information about the Chessable science team and its initiatives, visit and click on the green banner โ€˜View Our Active Scientific Researchโ€™.

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