CGS Congress held in Bologna

The CGS (Chess a Game to be Spread in Schools) Congress of Educational Chess was held in Bologna between 27th-28th May 2023.

Leontxo Garcia, Senior Adviser of the Chess in Education Commission presenting at the congress

CGS is an Erasmus+ project funded by the EU. The congress was addressed to all participants interested in the educational use of chess. The CGS project aims to support implementing, sharing, and improving existing practices by establishing a model for the diffusion of the pedagogical use of chess in schools.
FIDE Chess in Education Commission Chair Jerry Nash and Senior Adviser Leontxo Garcia were amongst the notable speakers.

Alessandro Dominici, Project Manager and chief organiser of the congress said: ”We are very happy about the results that we have had so far in the CGS project. 250 teachers got involved, and both the quality of their training and the skill improvement of the pupils are very encouraging. A detailed report will be published in English within a month.”

Follow the presentations on these YouTube recordings:

1st session

2nd session

3rd session



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