Author’s Guide for Papers




  • in English or Spanish
  • in electronic versions: the author is obliged to guarantee their compliance and provide the final copyright version
  • in Microsoft Office Word
  • page size – A4
  • font face – Times New Roman
  • footnotes should be given at the bottom of the page, references – at the end of the article
  • font size for the text of the article – 12, for the footnotes – 10
  • line spacing for the text of the article – 1.3, for the footnotes – 1, first line – 0.8 cm
  • Preferable to have visual presentations, which should be sent to the organization commission no later than November 15.
  • Agreed presentations should be sent to arrive no later than 15 November.


ARTICLE LENGTH: no more than 8000 words.



  • should outline the general scope of the article and not exceed eight words
  • uppercase
  • font size-14



  • first name(s), last name(s)
  • full name and postal address of each author’s workplace, organization
  • position, rank, academic degree
  • e-mail and phone number
  • the surnames and the first letter in names of authors should be full and in uppercase



  • should be 200-300 words
  • should be informative and not contain general words and phrases
  • the abstract should describe the purpose, problem statement, indication of methodology
  • main results of the research, principal conclusion
  • the abstract should provide a good perspective on the final message of the article

 KEYWORDS: should be up to ten.


  • outline purposes, specify the research objectives and/or research questions
  • review items of previous research
  • reflect the current concerns in the area
  • announce principal findings
  • indicate structure of the article




  • should describe the process of data collection
  • should describe techniques and data analysis



  • must review findings, discuss outcomes
  • must analyze the literature, offer explanations, state implications
  • must make recommendations


CONCLUSIONS should be clearly formulated and presented.



  • The manuscript should be constructed according to the APA citation System. For instance: (Karapetyan, 2001, p. 10) (Toulmin, 1958, pp. 56-57) (Hilbert & Bernays, 1934).

For a book by a single author:

Elo, A.E. (1986). The rating of chess players, past and present (2nd ed.). New York: Arco.

For a book by two authors:

Gobet, F., de Voogt, A., & Retschitzki, J. (2004). Moves in mind: The psychology of board games. Hove, UK: Psychology Press

Calfee, R. C., & Valencia, R. R. (1991). APA guide to preparing manuscripts for journal publication. Washington: American Psychological Association.

For a book by an editor:

Frey, P.W. (Ed.). (1984). Chess skill in man and machine: Springer

For an article in a journal:

Goldin, S.E. (1979). Recognition memory for chess positions. American Journal of Psychology, 92, 19-31

Beal, D.F. (1984). Mating sequences in the quiescence search. ICCA Journal, 7(3), 133-137.

For a book section:

Charness, N. (1977). Human chess skill. In P.W. Frey (Ed.), Chess skill in man and machine, (pp.34-53), New York: Springer

In case of citing various works of the same author published in the same year, it is necessary to apply to a letter differentiation method i.e. a, b etc.

(Hovhannisyan, 2006a; Hovhannisyan, 2006b; Hovhannisyan, 2006c).


For a website publication:

Texts of the articles submitted in a website usually vary from their printed versions, that is why in case of citing the latter website versions, it is necessary to indicate the appropriate electronic address, moreover, the citation of the printed version is not accepted:

Simon, H.A. & Chase, W.G. (1973). Skill in Chess. American Scientist 61(4), pp. 394-403 July-August, 1973



Chabris, F.C. & Hearst, E.S. (2003). Visualization, pattern recognition, and forward search: effects of playing speed and sight of the position on grandmaster chess errors. Cognitive Science 27(4), 637-648


If the manuscript contains non-alphabetic characters (e.g. logical formulae, diagrams) then:

  • the PDF version of the text should be attached for verification if needed
  • all the images (diagrams, line drawings, and photographic images) should be numbered sequentially with Arabic numerals and submitted in electronic form
  • photo images should be of high quality
  • all the images should be attached as separate files,
  • diagrams, line drawings, charts should be submitted in EXCEL or EPS format

Essays of various symposiums and scientific events:

  • Information about the symposium organizers, place and time should be included in the essay.
  • The symposium members’ name, surname, workplace, and city (in brackets) should be mentioned, and in the case of international symposiums, the name of the city is also included.


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